Blake Edwards

Software Engineer - Entrepreneur



I love working on compelling software engineering and machine learning opportunities that matter. When i'm not working towards my December 2018 graduation, I'm working on my company - Viden Technologies - and my ongoing Tuberculosis research project - LIRA.

What started with tinkering with my calculator has since progressed to my lifelong goal of making the world a better place. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with interesting opportunities in software engineering!

IBM Extreme Blue

  • Collaborated with other technical engineers and product managers in an agile development environment to create a microservice architecture capable of automatically detecting and resolving errors in financial data

  • Generated projected cost savings of 75M per year for U.S. clients and 500K per year for IBM using this framework

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Tuberculosis Lesion Recognition

  • Created an assistive image analysis system to recognize and analyze Tuberculosis lesions using machine learning and neural networks

  • Saving these solutions in a repository of machine learning and computer vision models for other labs to leverage in similar biological and medical research problems, such as oncology

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My Bioinformatics Startup

  • Working with 9+ national labs and diagnostic facilities to develop custom assistive software for biological and medical research

  • Lowered the level of expertise needed to classify lesions, enabled higher granularity of lesion statistics, and increased the speed at which drug efficacy tests can be accomplished by over 4X

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Bayesian Black Box Optimization

  • Made use of Bayesian Statistical models to create a tool capable of automatically finding and tuning optimal hyperparameters for expensive-to-train machine learning models, such as deep convolutional neural networks

  • Wrote a detailed tutorial and blog post describing the method, and applied the optimizer to a variety of machine learning models

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My Machine Learning Blog

  • Wrote tutorials and posts on topics ranging from Bayesian Optimization to Sparse Matrices and their Compression Algorithms, with the goal of explaining both so that they are available for a wider audience

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Label Propagation / Prediction Denoising

  • Developed a denoising algorithm for multiclass classification problems, with inspiration from conventional smoothing and denoising algorithms, for use in development of the Tuberculosis Lesion Recognition project

  • Applied this algorithm to drastically improve results in the Tuberculosis Lesion Recognition project, by removing extraneous misclassifications throughout our output predictions

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